Oregon CAI Member Survey on Smoking Policies

Background: CAI members were given an opportunity to help shape the May 2011 luncheon
programs about SMOKING POLICIES. An electronic survey was developed by the Oregon Smokefree
Housing Project* in collaboration with Clark County Public Health and with input from the CAI
education committee. The CAI Board approved the survey and the Executive Director sent two
promotional emails providing the survey link — It was open October 1st through November 1st. As an
incentive, all members completing the survey and providing contact information were entered into
a drawing for a $100 gift certificate for Jake’s/McCormick & Schmick’s.
Eighty-five CAI members took the survey. They identified themselves as:
Professional property managers – 48%
Owner/board volunteers – 37%
Business or non-profit partners -15%
Do you think that secondhand smoke is a health hazard? (85 respondents)
Yes – 97%
No – 1%
Don’t know – 2%
Do you think that no-smoking policies are desirable for community associations?
(84 respondents)
Yes – 74%
No – 5%
Not sure – 21%
Do any of the HOAs you manage, live in or have as clients currently have no-smoking rules?
(85 respondents)
Yes – 42%
No – 45%
Not applicable – 13%
No-smoking in
outdoor common
No-smoking in
indoor common
No-smoking in
limited use common
No-smoking inside
the units
If yes, what do the rules cover?
(Multiple responses tabulated, 40 respondents)
Have you heard complaints about drifting smoke from:
(Multiple responses tabulated, 85 respondents):
Resident owners – 79%
Maintenance staff – 20%
Others – 24%
If an HOA wishes to adopt a no-smoking policy, which would support them in moving forward:
(Multiple responses tabulated, 85 respondents)
Understanding the legality of no-smoking policies – 92%
Sample forms and legal language – 68%
An outline of steps to move forward – 67%
Help in conducting a resident survey to determine people’s preferences – 54%
Draft articles for community newsletters – 47%
Having secondhand smoke declared a “nuisance” by law – 40%
Web-based handouts for owners on the subject – 27%
Report submitted by Diane Laughter, Health In Sight LLC, for the Oregon Smokefree Housing Project
This work is funded by the Tobacco Prevention & Education Program, Oregon Health Authority
Reasons to Implement a No-Smoking Policy
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%
Owner complaints about drifting SHS
Collective fire hazards
Property devaluation due to smoking damage & smell
Liability risks for the HOA
Outdoor maintenance costs for common areas
Building maintenance for community facilities
Other reasons
Other reasons: Health-related (10), LEED certified buildings’ airflow does not allow for isolating smoke just inside
the units (1)
Author’s Note: In an effort to develop a survey tool without a public health bias, “health reasons” was not
included as one of the choices. Nonetheless, ten members wrote in health-related responses in the “other”
Multiple responses tabulated, 83 respondents

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