5 Reasons We Are Adopting A NEW NO-SMOKING POLICY


Reasons  We Are Adopting







Healthier Environment: You, your family and guests, as well as our staff, will be protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke,  a cancer-causing substance in the same category as asbestos.



Fire safety: Our smokefree property will be much less likely to have a serious or deadly fire.



Desirable Place to Live: Most renters are looking for a smokefree place to live (70% of Oregon renter s). The majority of smokers already smoke outside and they want to live in a smokefree home too.



Cost savings: With a no-smoking policy, we’ll save money in cleaning and turnover costs. Damages from cigarettes will be eliminated and it will be easier to keep the place nice.


Trends: No-smoking policies are becoming the rental  industry sta ndar d. Many, many properties in the Pacific Northwest, both

private and public, have successfully adopted no-smoking policie s.





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We realize that some people may view a  no-smoking  policy  negatively. This is not about whether a person has the right to smoke. We’re merely making rules about where smoking is and is not allowed.


“After 74 years of smoking, and numerous attempts to quit, I moved into an assisted care facility with a no-smoking policy. Because I could no longer smoke inside and had to go outside to a designated area to smoke, I just decided to quit. I don’t miss it!

–    Alice H., resident  of East Cascade Retirement Residence  in  Madras, OR



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