Resident Survey – Background and Logistics

This survey was first designed by the Seattle/King County Health Department to use with their local housing authority and it has since been modified and used by a number of housing authorities in Oregon and elsewhere. Included here are survey questions as well as a sample cover letter.

It is key that the public housing agency obtains the information THEY need to make THEIR
decision about no-smoking rules. It would be wise to include the decision-making Board in reviewing and approving the questions asked.

Survey Logistics (things to think about):

  • Will we partner with public health in conducting this survey?
  • Whose logos will go on the cover letter?
  • Will we offer an incentive? (Some HA’s have had high response rates even with no incentive.)
  • Who does the survey mailing and any reminders? Where do the surveys get returned?
  • Who does data entry? Who does the analysis?
  • Who pays for what? Who do the results belong to?
  • How will this information be used?

An excellent example of a public housing/public health partnership:

See Lane County Housing Authority’s survey results

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