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Tax Credit Housing Management Insider
National Apartment Association's UNITS
Oregon Rental Housing Association Newsletter
The Landlord Times, Portland, OR
Metro Multifamily Housing Association

Daily Journal of Commerce, Portland, OR
Multifamily Executive

Tax Credit Housing Management Insider, a legal compliance guide for the low income tax credit community.

December 2010: "How to implement a smoke-free policy"

National Apartment Association's UNITS, a special edition features articles from rental industry and public health experts on just about every aspect of adopting a no-smoking policy.

Reprint of the December 2007 edition "Clearing the Air: Industry Discusses Trend Toward Smoke-Free Housing"

The Landlord Times, (formerly The Apartment Manager), a monthly publication distributed to Oregon-based apartment owners, property managers, on-site and maintenance personnel features:

April 2012: Smokefree Rentals Reduce Fires (page 4)

March 2010: "Are you in compliance with the new Smoking Policy Disclosure Law?" (page 11)

August 2009: "New Oregon law requires landlords to disclose smoking policy to tenants" (page 1)

February 2009: "Smells don't sell" (page 13) and "Public Housing Agencies are adopting No-smoking rules" (page 22)

January 2009: "Residents statewide want smokefree units, Guardian resident happy about no-smoking rules" (page 1)

March 2007: "Do tenants have a legal right to smoke?"

February 2007: How do I enforce a no-smoking rule at my rental property?

January 2007: Can I legally prohibit smoking at my rental property?

December 2006: Protect your investment: Four good reasons for smokefree housing

November 2006: How to make your rental property smokefree

October 2006: Is there a market for smokefree housing?

Oregon Rental Housing News, a semi-annual publication of the Oregon Rental Housing Association:

Winter 2010: "New law provides perfect opportunity to adopt no-smoking policies" (page10)

Summer 2009: "New Oregon law requires landlords to disclose smoking policy to tenants" (page 6)

Winter 2009: "What Oregon residents want: Residents happy about no-smoking rules" (page 6)

MMHA News and Events, a quarterly publication of Portland based Metro Multifamily Housing Association:

Fall 2009: "Legislative Update - New Oregon Law Requires Landlords to Disclose Smoking Policy to Tenants" (page 6) and "2009 Renter Survey Shows Real Change in Availability of Smoke-Free Apartments" (page 11)

Pacific Northwest Regional Council NEWS, a quarterly newsletter for the PNRC-NAHRO (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials), a trade association for public housing administrators from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska:

February 2012: "No-smoking rental policies are one MORE reason to quit smoking" (page 8)

November 2011: "Enforcing No-Smoking Policies - Tips from successful housing managers" (page9)

June 2011: "What PNRC members say about their no-smoking policies" (page 5)

February 2011: "Is No-Smoking featured as an amenity in your property listings?" (page 12)

November 2010: "Invitation -- Register for a free webinar on how and why to adopt a no-smoking policy" (page 8)

August 2010: "When you are ready to adopt a no-smoking policy, no need to start with a blank sheet of paper" (page 8)

May 2010: "No-smoking policies in public housing - What folks are saying" (page 11)

February 2010: "Pacific Northwest Housing Authorities are adopting no-smoking policies" (page 3)

November 2009: "Have you been wondering about these [legal] questions?" (page 3)

August 2009: "HUD strongly encourages public housing authorities to implement no-smoking policies..." (page 3)

June 2009: "No-Smoking Policies: Trends and Tools for Housing Authorities" (page 9)

February 2009: "At least 21 PNRC Member agencies have adopted No-Smoking rules on one or more properties" (page 4)

Portland's Daily Journal of Commerce:

December 1, 2008: "Guardian Management antismoking czar helped establish company's strict no-smoking policy"

Multifamily Executive, apartment and condo news and business strategies for multifamily owners, managers and developers:

December 11, 2008: "No Butts About It: A Smoking Ban Success Story"