green is smokefreeOregonians want Smokefree Vacations

Currently 91% of Oregon adults do not smoke in their homes* and they are looking for a smokefree place to stay when they travel as well. There is a growing trend of lodging properties that are "100% non-smoking." This includes, among those listed with the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association (see article from 2/11 Lodging News):

Sample smokefree policy disclosure to customize:
Many hotels and vacation rentals are having customers sign a no-smoking policy disclosure that, if there is evidence that smoked occured in the unit, a fee (often around $250) will be charged to their credit card. Use The Whaler's smoke free policy to create your own.

Properties benefit by communicating an image of a safe and healthy place to stay - Make sure to include "Non-smoking" in your ads and listings.

Need signs or support to implement no-smoking policies for your properties? Contact the Tobacco Prevention Coordinator at your local county health department.

Rental properties: See tools for implementing a no-smoking policy in your units.

*Source: Oregon Tobacco Facts and Laws 2011