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In Oregon, cigarettes start one in 10 fires and cause half of all fire deaths. Between 2005 and 2009, there were almost 6,400 cigarette fires in the state responsible for 34 deaths, 133 injuries and an estimated $20 million in property loss. See full report from Oregon State Fire Marshal.

If one person smokes in an apartment, everyone in the building is at risk of fire. Smoke moves quickly through doors, windows, and vents so neighbors also breathe more than 43 cancer-causing agents and other toxins.

Use these tools to educate landlords and residents about how to reduce the risks of fire related to smoking. They were developed by a group of firefighters and public health experts from the Portland Metro and Valley areas in collaboration with the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal.

See the article in the April 2012 issue of The Landlord Times

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Work with your local Tobacco Prevention Coordinator in getting the message out!
Find your county representative.