Questions to Ask Yourselves As You Consider a No-Smoking Rule

  1. What would it take for us to adopt no-smoking rules for our properties?
  2. What steps will we have to take to make it happen?

  3. What might be barriers or challenges? How could we prevent/resolve those?

  4. Have we gotten feedback from staff about:
    • Cleaning problems created by smokers?
    • Complaints from people living next to smokers?

  5. Should we conduct a resident survey to determine people’s preferences?

  6. What exactly is our policy going to cover?

  7. What would a reasonable timeline be?

  8. Which steps could our local public health partners help us with?
    • Resident Survey: mailing, tabulating, written report
    • Resident meetings to discuss the policy, let people air their feelings
    • Training of onsite property managers to help them be comfortable with policy and with talking to people about smoking
    • Preparing presentation for the Board

  9. When do we get started?