Adopting a No-Smoking Policy:
How the Housing Authority of Portland Did It

HAP buildingThe Housing Authority of Portland, Oregon (now Home Forward) adopted a No-Smoking policy August 2009 for all of its public housing units (1993 units) and July 2010 for its affordable housing Units (3760 units).

The rule prohibits smoking INSIDE units and common areas and OUTSIDE within 10 ft of the buildings including patios, porches and balconies.

HAP has generously shared the steps they tool in adopting their policy as well as key documents they used in the process.

Overall implications for HAP's No-Smoking Policy

HAP's Steps toward their No-Smoking Policy (download a pdf of these steps)

Step 1. Resident Input

Step 2. Staff Education

Step 3. Policy Development

Step 4. Board Approval

Step 5. Resident Services Engagement

Step 6. Enforcement Plan

Step 7. Physical Modifications (Note: Though HAP's Board requested that smoking areas be designated, many other housing authorities have chosen not to have smoking areas on the property.)

HAP's Documents to Share: