About Us

DL head shotThis website, though no longer actively managed, will remain a resource to those in the housing world wanting to implement no-smoking policies.

If you are wanting to adopt a no-smoking rule for the properties you own or manage, find your county Tobacco Prevention Coordinator who would be happy to work with you.

The Oregon Smokefree Housing Project (2008-12) was a collaboration of housing stakeholders and public health advocates (see below) to provide useful information and materials for the housing industry. The Project was coordinated by Diane Laughter, MPH, with Health In Sight LLC, and funded through a contract with the Tobacco Prevention & Education Program, Oregon Health Authority.

Diane was one of the leaders of the Portland-Vancouver Metro Smokefree Housing Project and, over eight years, worked with many property managers and community associations as they prepared for and implemented their no-smoking policies. She provided technical assistance to county tobacco prevention coordinators as they worked with local housing providers.

The project included the following partners: